Pre-Sale items are items that take a bit of time to arrive to us. When ordering a pre-sale item, you are getting an item at a lower cost than when the item officially reaches the store. For example, the pre-sale price may be $5, but once it gets to the store, it may be $8 to $10.

Please be aware that these items take time to get here. I will post on the item an estimated time of delivery to me. After it is delivered, there are still shipping times. Please be advised that I have NO control over shipping times to me, so if I announce the item will arrive in 25 days, please give or take a week or two. Sometimes they arrive early, on time, or late.

By purchasing a pre-sale item, you are GUARANTEED to receive the item once it reaches the store. Sometimes we have hot items and they will never make it to the website because they sale out so quickly. So, have faith in knowing that you are getting a discount on a pre-sale item, as well as getting your hands on a much wanted "hot" item! :)

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