*presale* Silhoutte Alta 3D Printer

*presale* Silhoutte Alta 3D Printer

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This is a Presale. These will be in store, once the machine is released by Silhouette, mid June!!

It’s here. Introducing the Silhouette Alta®, Silhouette’s first 3D printing machine. Create custom objects in the Silhouette 3D® software and print 3D versions of those objects with the Alta machine. This machine is designed to take your creativity to a whole new dimension!

Why should you consider the Silhouette Alta®?

The Silhouette Alta® is competitively priced at $299.99, comes preassembled, precalibrated, and ready to “plug and play” right out-of-the-box. That means you can start playing with the Silhouette Alta® and printing unique 3D objects right away.

Included with the purchase of the Silhouette Alta®, you also get the Silhouette 3D® software to customize and prepare your 3D design to print. This software is unique because it’s a one-stop shop; you can design and slice your objects and send the printing instructions to the 3D printer all through Silhouette 3D®. This is a game changer! Many 3D printing systems don’t allow you to design and slice within a single software experience.

Features of Silhouette Alta®

  • Comes pre-calibrated and preassembled
  • Can print custom 3D designs
  • Comes with its own 3D printing software, Silhouette 3D®
  • Allows you to adjust your print settings depending on the project
    • Prints at fast and slow speeds
    • Prints at low and high temperatures
    • Prints up to 120 mm tall and 116 mm wide
  • Allows you to build your own 3D designs with Silhouette Snap Kits
  • Prints objects with any 1.75 mm PLA filament
  • Prints Silhouette 3D® files as well as third-party files (.STL and .OBJ formats)

Insert the end of the filament through the filament hose and feeder at the top of the machine. Open your design in Silhouette 3D® and select your print settings. Select “Slice” and the software will then determine the layers to print. When you are ready to print your design and your machine has heated up the plastic filament to the indicated temperature, the Alta will begin printing your object. When the machine is done printing and the filament has cooled, you’ll have your 3D object.